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Psychology of Dreams

The legitimate science of interpreting what dreams mean to you and I has its roots in the birth of […]

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is simply being aware that you are dreaming while you are in a dream. Learning how to […]

Dream Symbolism

“What was it like to learn to parachute out of a plane?” A statement like this one is very […]

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Online Dream Interpretation

The internet is an amazing source of information that has ushered in an information age like nothing we have […]

Lucid Dreaming 101

The first step to using hypnosis in lucid dreaming or “dream control” begins with remembering your dreams. A key […]

How to Be an Expert Lucid Dreamer

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Meaning of Dreams

If you have asked a question when you have had a particularly vivid dream about whether that dream might be trying to tell you something, you are not alone. Most of us have the kind of dreams every so often that seem full of meaning. The feeling of waking up feeling a sense of urgency because our dreams were trying to communicate something important to us is a common experience in all people. We don’t often talk about how powerful our dreams affect us like this because […]

Dream Meanings

Have you ever put up with a repeated dream? Most of us have had them from time to time. The very fact that it is a dream that you know repeats means it is a dream you remember. We know that we all dream lots of dreams throughout a given night of sleep. But only a few dreams poke through to our conscious mind so we are aware of them. So if a dream can break through that barrier, that is a persistent dream that has more […]

Dream Analysis and Interpretation

The study of how to interpret the dreams we have can be come a real passion and hobby if you let it. There are literally hundreds of books out and thousands of web sites that devote themselves to helping you put some meaning to the sometimes strange images and situations you find yourself in during your dream life. Some of these dream image dictionaries and interpretive methods are based on studies done by credible scientists like Freud and Jung and some are not. Knowing how the author […]

Practising Lucid Dreaming as a Method of Exercising Control Over the Subconscious

For the Law of Attraction, as presented in the video, “The Secret“, to work optimally, one needs to exercise mental control over both the conscious and sub-conscious mind. While many would say they can’t be held accountable for what they dream, much evidence would suggest that not only does one have control over their dreams, but that it may be a key component in mastering your intent upon what may the most important level. The practice of realizing one is dreaming and exercising control over those dreams […]