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Psychology of Dreams

The legitimate science of interpreting what dreams mean to you and I has its roots in the birth of modern psychology. The fathers of modern psychology are without dispute Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Both of these brilliant men redefined psychology, as we know it. They were contemporaries and at different times good friends and bitter enemies. But their philosophies of how the mind works are so different that to this day, if you pick a psychologist, you pick him based on whether he is a Freudian […]

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Meaning of Dreams

If you have asked a question when you have had a particularly vivid dream about whether that dream might be trying to tell you something, you are not alone. Most of us have the kind of dreams every so often that seem full of meaning. The feeling of waking up feeling a sense of urgency because our dreams were trying to communicate something important to us is a common experience in all people. We don’t often talk about how powerful our dreams affect us like this because […]

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